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Parkour Sport
The Team
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parkour for me is not just a hobbie ,its a sport, a sport created by david belle. parkour, or for some of you, free running. is a great skill and challenge, the environment around us is like one big playground, every bit of buildings, wall, bridges is for us.  

david belle,sebastian foucan.. these are some of the legends at free running. what ever it is ,flip, roll, jump, wall ride. these two people have perfected all of these skills and will continue to learn and create more of them.
 if you are already good at parkour then try making a team, not too many people, just the good handful of you which are not scared of heights and drops.
  if you want you can check out RTPK (rugeley town parkour) which is our free running team. each and everyone of us has our own individual skills,we are all good at everything but some of us have perfected some of our skills, for example, my speciality is cat leaps, and speed.
  i can get up and down obstacles with ease.
 check out RTPK on my other page

from the day i knew about free running, i knew it was a skill i had to practice and perform. rugeley town, schools, abandoned buildings or just in the town on walls  or stairs 
 all of these places which i never thought much about before have suddenly turned into my favourite places my own huge playgound. the key to free running is confidence, without it you wont even be able to make a huge air jumps. or flips.
 plus you need to be fit, so if your a fat basterd you will need to lose a few hundred pounds first, work out,then try this crazy shit.   

for any questions or help jus email me at